Asami Oikawa
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Kanji 及川 あさみ
Rōmaji Oikawa Asami
Nickname/s Asamichi (By Kenji Nakanishi)
Gender Female
Age 17 - 18
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Unnamed Parents
Professional Status
Occupation Student (3rd Year)
Affiliation Toumei High
English Voice Monica Rial
Japanese Voice Risa Taneda
Anime Debut Chapter 1
Manga Debut Chapter 1

Asami Oikawa (及川 あさみ, Oikawa Asami) is a senior at Toumei High and is one of Mei Tachibana's close friends. She is Kenji Nakanishi's girlfriend.

Mei's classmate and friend who has a complex about her large chest. She hates it when people always stare at it and that no one seems to like her for who she is. She idolizes Yamato because he defended her from boys teasing her about her chest in middle school, and wishes for a prince of her own to protect her. She starts to date Kenji after he confesses he likes her for how she is, not just the size of her breasts.


Asami has thick dark brown hair which is normally kept in pigtails. She has brown-green eyes and peachy lips. She has a large rack, which she is often criticized for.



In middle school, she would get bullied for having a huge chest.